Revisions to the OCDS Constitutions

February 26th, 2014 by Gabriel McAuliffe
Below is a note from our Provincial OCDS Office:

We are pleased to announce that the Holy See has approved the revisions to the OCDS Constitutions.  You can find them on our website under “Legislative Documents”.  Under the section “OCDS Constitutions”, click on “Revised – January 2014”.

For the new revisions to the OCDS Constitutions in Spanish, you will find them in the subsequent section “Constituciones”, click on “Revisado – enero de 2014”.

Now that both the OCDS Constitutions and our Provincial Statutes have been officially approved, the OCDS Provincial Council will eventually be printing them together in a booklet.  We will be sending these booklets out to all the members of the Province.

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