Lectio Divina

June 21st, 2015 by Gabriel McAuliffe

In our Constitutions and Provincial Statutes, we are urged “to spend some time in the practice of lectio divina utilizing Scripture” [cf. Const. #35 and cf. Provincial Statutes Sec. I para. 1d].

Our Formation Guidelines provides a handy guide, the Practical Application of Lectio Divina for Groups and Individuals.  A useful summary is provided below.


Individual Application

1. Lectio. Read the selected passage of Scripture slowly and attentively. Let it sink in. Make sure you understand what it says, in itself. Consider the meaning of each phrase. “Listen” in silence.
2. Meditatio. Relate the passage to other Biblical texts. Ponder what Jesus is saying to you personally in the passage. Reflect on these insights.
3. Oratio. Read the passage again, slowly and attentively. Ask what response Jesus wants from you, and make the response to Him from your heart. This is the time for St. Teresa’s intimate conversation with the One we know loves us. Be spontaneous.
4. Contemplatio. Read the Sacred Scripture a final time, lingering with and resting in the presence of the Word, while the Holy Spirit speaks to your deepest self in and through the silence.
5. Be flexible with the timing, responding to God’s action in your soul.
6. Make a formal conclusion to your prayer, perhaps using a line from the selected passage that has particular significance.

We may use this form of meditation for our daily prayer “of interior silence and solitude” [cf. Const. #21 and cf. Provincial Statutes Sec. I para. 1c].

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